CIHD Sponsored Grants

The Center for Iron and Heme Disorders (CIHD) within the Division of Hematology at the University of Utah School of Medicine is sponsored by the NIH NIDDK Institute. The CIHD funds a Pilot and Feasibility Program supporting 3 mini-grants per year. Funding is limited to a maximum of $25,000 with an option for a second year extension pending re-evaluation. The grants will be awarded competitively and are designed to support research projects from internal and external CIHD members that utilize our CIHD Cores and advance the mission of our program; non-malignant hematology with an emphasis on iron and heme. Our intent is also to: 1) Support junior faculty members or established investigators launching new research directions that meet our mission objectives; 2) Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research initiatives between CIHD members. A key aspect of the goal of collaboration is to draw investigators from outside the CIHD group into synergistic relationships with existing members.