Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program of the CIHD is designed to foster sharing of ideas and research strategies, and to educate the broader academic community concerning research in hematologic and iron linked disorders (Enrichment Srategies). Established investigators, junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students will interact through core workshops, symposia such as invited guest seminars.


Information on all educational activities, research in progress presentations and public information coordinating these activities, will be disseminated via website announcements with links to detailed information.  Direct email announcements will be sent to CIHD participating faculty, junior faculty and lab members (postdoctoral fellow and students).  These enrichment activities will provide the backbone of technologic expertise to utilize the cores and provide for career advancement.  An enrichment activities calendar will be posted on the University of Utah CIHD website along with links to the University of Utah Core website as the calendar is developed.


The laboratories of established investigators and core facilities within the CIHD will be open to any participating scientist who wishes to learn new methods offered by these entities.  Interested individuals, whose research focus meets those of the CIHD, will coordinate with the host P.I. or core facility director in the CIHD for proposed training.


Diane M. Ward, Director of Enrichment CIHD University of Utah

Associate Professor

University of Utah School of Medicine 5B310

Department of Pathology

Salt Lake City, Utah 84132

Ph 801-581-4967

Email diane.mcveyward@path.utah.edu


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