The CIHD Enrichment Program at the University of Utah has organized several different seminars/workshops.  These seminars and workshops are available to established and new investigators whose research is focused on iron/metals and heme.  Inquiries for participation in the seminars/workshops should be directed to the Enrichment Program Director (Diane M. Ward, PhD


2017 – 2018

We hosted a Seminar Series with guest speakers including:
Mitch Knutson, Ph.D., University of Florida
Suzanne Cloonan, Ph.D. Cornell Medical College
Jan Abkowitz, M.D., University of Washington
Hossein Ardehali, M.D. Ph.D., Northwestern Medicine.

We hosted a 2016-2017 P&F recipients seminar and workshop on December 5th 2017.  Speakers included P&F recipients
Matt Barber, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Amy Medlock, Ph.D. University of Georgia
Paul Sigala, Ph.D.,University of Utah

and Workshop CIHD core directors

James Cox, Ph.D. Metabolomics
Laurie Jackson, Ph.D. Iron and Heme

We also cosponsored (CIHD, NIDDKT32 and University of Utah VP Offfice for Research) a Metal Symposium May 5th 2017 with guest speakers and T32 recipients including:
Iqbal Hamza, Ph.D. University of Maryland
Helene Puccio, Ph.D., Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire

and T32 recipients
Amanda Mixon
Mattie Casey
Carol Ferreira dos Santos, Ph.D
Eric Fredrickson, Ph.D