The CIHD Enrichment Program at the University of Utah has organized several different seminars/workshops.  These seminars and workshops are available to established and new investigators whose research is focused on iron/metals and heme.  Inquiries for participation in the seminars/workshops should be directed to the Enrichment Program Director (Diane M. Ward, PhD

2019 – 2020 CIHD Seminar Series

Videos from Virtual Seminar Series Seminars  –  20


Videos from Virtual Seminar Series Summer 2020

Anna Beaudin, PhD, Zoom video 5/19/20, Early immune perturbation alters fetal hematopoiesis and shapes offspring immunity link

Caroline Philpott, MD, Zoom video 6/2/20 Mischief Managed: Chaperoning Iron in the Cytosol link

Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD, Zoom video 6/9/20, Iron, Cystitis and Pyelonephritis link


Don McClain, MD, PhD, Zoom video 7/21/20 Iron as a Risk Factor, and an Opportunity in Metabolic Disease link


Seminars in Metabolism 11/14/2019

Recent CIHD Seminars

CIHD P&F 2019 Symposium 11/22/19


Dinner with P&F awardees and faculty including: Dean Tantin, John Phillips, Amy Medlock, Paul Sigala, James Cox, Diane Ward, Sihem Boudina, Oleh Khalimonchek, Adam Hughes, Amit Reddi and Dennis Winge at Wasatch Brew Pub Nov 22 2019

Vitae 12/5/19