Videos from 2020-2021 CIHD Seminar Series

3/30/2021 Jan Abkowitz, MD, U of Washington, “Heme trafficking, use and toxicity during red cell differentiation” link









2/23/2021 Crystal Davey PhD. U of Utah, “Targeted Genome Editing Using CRISPR” link









2/9/2021 Francesca Vinchi, Ph.D. New York Blood Center, “Pathophysiologic role of iron-activated macrophages” link 









1/26/2021 Kevin Hicks Ph.D. U of Utah, “MIDAS: A Systematic Platform for the Discovery of Protein-Metabolite interactions” link










1/12/2021 Yvette Yien, Ph.D. U of Delaware, “Regulation of mitochondrial Heme Synthesis in Erythroid Cells” link









11/3/20 Cindy Roy (NIDDK) and Laurie Jackson CIHD Core

Cindy N. Roy, Ph.D. 







Laurie Jackson Ph.D. U of Utah, Iron & Hem Director, 11/3/20, “Porphyrins, Life’s Colors. How We Can Help You Quantify Changes in Heme and Iron Pathways” link








10/13/20, Ella Nemeth Ph.D. UCLA, “Iron Pathobiology in Pregnancy” link









9/29/20, James Cox, Ph.D. U of Utah,  “Challenges and Solutions in Erythrocycte Metabolomics” link

James Cox, Ph.D.









Tom Ganz, M.D. UCLA, Video 9/15/20,  “Erythroferrone, the Erythroid Regulator of Iron Metabolism link











2020-2021 CIHD Seminar Series

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