2021-2022 CIHD Seminar Series

Videos from 2021-2022 CIHD Seminar Series

August 10, 2021 James Cox Ph.D., Hector Bergonia, MS., Kevin Hicks Ph.D., University of Utah School of Medicine. “CIHD Core Updates Q&A”  video link


July 13, 2021 Seyi Falekun Graduate Student, Sigala Lab, University of Utah School of Medicine, “Divergent Acyl Carrier Protein mediates Mitochondrial Fe-S Cluster Biosynthesis in Malaria Parasites.”  video link


June 8, 2021 Shang Ma, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, Patapoutian Lab Scripps institute “A Role of Mechanosensitive Ion Channel PIEZ01 in Iron Metabolism.” video link

Videos from 2020-2021 CIHD Seminar Series

3/30/2021 Jan Abkowitz, MD, U of Washington, “Heme trafficking, use and toxicity during red cell differentiation” link


2/23/2021 Crystal Davey PhD. U of Utah, “Targeted Genome Editing Using CRISPR” link

2/9/2021 Francesca Vinchi, Ph.D. New York Blood Center, “Pathophysiologic role of iron-activated macrophages” link 

1/26/2021 Kevin Hicks Ph.D. U of Utah, “MIDAS: A Systematic Platform for the Discovery of Protein-Metabolite interactions” link

1/12/2021 Yvette Yien, Ph.D. U of Delaware, “Regulation of mitochondrial Heme Synthesis in Erythroid Cells” link

11/3/20 Cindy Roy (NIDDK) and Laurie Jackson CIHD Core

Cindy N. Roy, Ph.D. Program Director, Hematology

Laurie Jackson Ph.D. U of Utah, 11/3/20, “Porphyrins, Life’s Colors. How We Can Help You Quantify Changes in Heme and Iron Pathways” link

Ella Nemeth Ph.D. UCLA, 10/13/20, “Iron Pathobiology in Pregnancy” link


James Cox, Ph.D. U of Utah, 9/29/20, “Challenges and Solutions in Erythrocycte Metabolomics” link


Tom Ganz, M.D. UCLA, Video 9/15/20,  “Erythroferrone, the Erythroid Regulator of Iron Metabolism link

2020-2021 CIHD Seminar Series

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Videos from Virtual Seminar Series Summer 2020

Anna Beaudin, PhD, Zoom video 5/19/20, Early immune perturbation alters fetal hematopoiesis and shapes offspring immunity link

Caroline Philpott, MD, Zoom video 6/2/20 Mischief Managed: Chaperoning Iron in the Cytosol link

Jonathan Barasch, MD, PhD, Zoom video 6/9/20, Iron, Cystitis and Pyelonephritis link


Don McClain, MD, PhD, Zoom video 7/21/20 Iron as a Risk Factor, and an Opportunity in Metabolic Disease link

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