The CIHD Enrichment Program at the University of Utah has organized several different seminars/workshops.  These seminars and workshops are available to established and new investigators whose research is focused on iron/metals and heme.  Inquiries for participation in the seminars/workshops should be directed to the Enrichment Program Director (Diane M. Ward, PhD

2019 Hematology and Metals in Medicine Symposium and Workshops on Friday, June 14, 2019


Services and Strategies for Generating Targeted Genome Edits VIDEO


What you need to know to optimize your analysis in the Iron and Heme Core VIDEO


More fun with Metabolomics VIDEO


Hematology and Metals in Medicine Symposium, 6/14/19

Workshop Attendees

Ning Zheng talk

Paul Sigala lab T32 Trainee Amanda Mixon presentation

John Phillips presentation

Adam Hughes Lab T32 trainee Casey Hughes presentation

We hosted a 2017-2018 P&F recipients Rising Stars Symposium and Workshop on November 9 and 10th 2018.

Speakers included
Rising Stars Shadi Khalil, Ph.D. M4, University of Virginia,
Yvette Yien, Ph.D., University of Delware,
Mark Hanudel, M.D., UCLA,
Francesca Vinchi, New York Blood Center
Jessica Sheldon, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

P&F recipients
Elizabeth Leibold, Ph.D., University of Utah
Matt Barber, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Diane Ward, Ph.D. University of Utah
Paul Sigala, Ph.D., University of Utah
Adam Hughes, Ph.D. University of Utah

Workshop CIHD core directors James Cox, Ph.D. Metabolomics
Crystal Davey, Ph.D. Mutation Generation Detection
Laurie Jackson, Ph.D. Iron and Heme

2018 Rising Stars Symposium

Workshop Metal Analysis presentation by CIHD sponsored Iron and Heme Core

Workshop Core presenters (James Cox, Laurie Jackson, Crystal Davey) and Rising Stars/P&F speakers (Adam Hughes, Matt Barber, Shadi Khalil, Jessica Sheldon, Mark Hanudel, Francesca Vinchi, Yvette Yien)

Workshop core presenter Crystal Davey and Workshop attendees

Presentation by Francesca Vinchi at the Rising Stars Symposium

Workshop core presenter Laurie Jackson

Workshop core presenter Crystal Davey with attendees

Attendees at the Rising Stars symposium morning session

Rising Stars and P&F recipients hike in Park City. Diane Ward, Shadi Khalil, Matt Barber, Yvette Yien, Jessica Sheldon, Francesca Vinchi,Mark Hanudel, Adam Hughes, James Cox

Rising Stars and P&F recipients in Park City” Matt Barber, Yvette Yien, Jessica Sheldon, Franchesca Vinchi, Mark Hanudel, Adam Hughes, James Cox, Shadi Khalil