U24 Pilot and Feasibility


Funding  Available

U24 Coordinating Center of Excellence in Hematology Funding is available now!. Type A and B grants are available. For more details see https://cceh.io/funding


The NIDDK CCEH consortium provides support for nonmalignant hematology research using pilot and feasibility funds.

Postdocs, with signed approval of their mentor, may apply for support to begin a research track of their own.  Investigators with outside funding who want to start a new line of research in nonmalignant hematology can apply provided there is no overlap between their funded research and the proposal submitted for this mechanism. Preference will be given to junior investigators who are requesting support for a project that will generate preliminary data for use in an application for an NIDDK Hematology award (either F-series, K-series or research project grant). Depending on the nature of preliminary studies, two different P&F opportunities are available. More information.