NIDDK Sponsored Grants

The NIDDK-funded Center for Iron and Heme Disorders (CIHD) announces a second pilot funding opportunity for proposals seeking to utilize one or more of our CIHD core facilities along with one core facility from one of the other NIDDK funded centers (Yale, Indiana, Harvard and Washington). These collaborative awards will be for $20,000 in total funding with a breakdown of $10,000 for core facility services at the two CCEH centers. The proposals need to meet the mission objectives of NIDDK for hematology relevancy and the budget is restricted to core facility services at the two institutions. The grants will be awarded competitively with selection by the NIDDK CCEH consortium. The goal is to promote collaborations and integrate the NIDDK CCEH resources. These collaborative proposals are due November 18, 2016. We will submit up to three proposals for the final NIDDK selection.

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