Operating Procedures and Chargeback:

The majority of core services are well developed and rates for CIHD investigators are shown in each core rate spreadsheet. The HSC Core Administrative office will manage all recharge activities for the CIHD.  A streamlined billing and collections service has been established and is used for all cores described in this application.  Setting up a user account for University of Utah researchers and others is done online and is very user friendly.  Providing user name, department, laboratory location, P.I. name, and university account information is all that is required.

If applying for an internal account to the University of Utah, follow this link

If applying for an external account to the University of Utah, follow this link

The Administrative Office of the Cores takes five percent of collected revenue for billed services to support its infrastructure.  Services will be billed the first week of each month to be paid within 30 days.

Critical to our goal of being a national center are mechanisms by which we disseminate information: defining the aims of the CIHD, services including Cores support, techniques, seminars, workshops and programs.  This is accomplished through websites, social media and electronic newsletters.  We have established a Center for Iron and Heme Disorders website. The CIHD website will contain the criteria for membership, in addition to the information mentioned above.