Recently Funded CIHD Members and P&F Recipients


Makiko Yasuda MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Genetic and Genomic Science
Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai
Mechanisms of Intercellular Heme Homeostasis in Liver


2020-2021 Grants Extramural Funding

Adam Hughes, University of Utah School of Medicine
NIH/NIGMS R35 GM 119694 utilized CIHD-sponsored metabolism core for application
Investigating the Mitochondrial-Derived Compartment Pathway


R01 DK125740 PI: Iqbal Hamza, PhD
7/1/20 – 6/30/24
Heme trafficking and recycling in iron metabolism


Philpott lab postdoc
PI: Shyamalagauri Jadhav, Ph.D.
ODS Research Scholars Award
Liver-specific loss of iron chaperone PCBP1 leads to dysregulated iron and hepatic steatosis


R01 DK128068-01 PI: J. Christian and Jodie Babitt, MPIs
BMP Ligands in Hepcidin Regulation


R21 HD102668-01, PI: J. Christian
Analysis of BMP Heterodimer formation and function, Diversity supplement


Matthew F. Barber, PhD, University of Oregon:
Recently awarded an NIH R35 MIRA award in which he included CIHD-sponsored work in his application. Here is the grant info:
NIH Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (R35GM133652) 2019 – 2024
National Institutes of Health (NIGMS)
Title: Molecular mechanisms of evolution at the host-microbe interface

Paul Sigala, PhD, University of Utah:
Received a 5-year R35 MIRA (1R35GM133764) from NIGMS based on last year’s PF award, entitled “Comparative Heme Metabolism in Divergent Eukaryotes”, that featured preliminary data obtained during out CIHD Pilot Grant period.

Amy Medlock, PhD, University of Georgia
Awarded a SHINE grant 2018
R01 DK111653 Title: Identifying the function of the mitochondrial heme biosynthesis complex in erythropoiesis

Adam Hughes, Ph.D. University of Utah
Awarded R01 2019
R01 AG061376 Title: The role of the lysosome in aging

Diane Ward and June Round – University of Utah Immunity, Inflammation, Infection P&F grant: The effects of low iron diet on gut immunity and the development of Fatty Liver Disease 01/2019-12/31/2019.

Dennis Winge and Jared Rutter: National Institutes of Health RO1 GM110755-05. Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Synthesis and the Coordinate Regulation of Respiration.  Funded 9/20/2018-8/31/2022