New CIHD Pilot and Feasibility Program Awards 2022-2023

Dean Tantin, PhD, University of Utah: Role of Oct1/Pou2f1 in blood cell development


Anna Beaudin, PhD and Amandine Chaix, PhD, University of Utah: “Delaying age and obesity-mediated hematopoietic dysfunction with time-restricted feeding

CIHD Pilot and Feasibility Program Grant Awards 2021-22

Iqbal Hamza, Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park: Interactors of HRG1 heme transporter in reticuloendothelial macrophages

Paul Sigala, Ph.D., University of Utah: Unraveling the Mechanism and Biological Significance of Hemozoin Motion in Malaria Parasites

Diane Ward, Ph.D., University of Utah: The role of macrophage Cyb561a3/Lcytb in lysosomal iron recycling for erythropoiesis

Timothy M Bahr, MS MD: University of Utah: Iron deficiency in preterm neonates: prevalence, surveillance, contributing factors

Makiko Yasuda, MD PhD: Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai: Investigations of hepatic heme homeostatic mechanisms using ALAS-deficient mice