NIDDK-Sponsored Center for Iron & Hematology Disorders at The University of Utah School of Medicine

The Center for Iron and Hematology Disorders (CIHD) at the University of Utah School of Medicine consists of three scientific core facilities which include the Mutation Generation & Detection Core, the Metabolomics Core, and the Iron & Heme Core. In addition to these Cores, there is an Enrichment Program, Internal and External Advisory Committees, and a Pilot and Feasibility program for the Center for Iron and Hematology Disorders. These cores offer many different services to a large majority of members within the CIHD as well as The University of Utah. To contact Core directors, find out services provided, and the rates of these services, click on the respective page. To find out upcoming events these Cores and programs will be providing, click on Events Calendar.

Upcoming CIHD Sponsored Symposium


 1. eLife

included among the authors are our very own CIHD members John D. Phillips, PhD and Iqbal Hamza, PhD. Article link.

2. SPUR Mentor in 2020

This is a reminder that the 2020 Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) mentor project application is available!

SPUR 2020, which is open to current and incoming University of Utah students, in addition to students outside of the U, will run from May 20 to July 30. The Office of Undergraduate Research provides students with a full-time stipend plus housing, social events, and research education programming for student participants.

If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to serve as a SPUR mentor in 2020, please complete the online project application by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 29 using this link: https://ugs.formstack.com/forms/spur_faculty_2020Unlike UROP, there is no need to identify students at this time. Projects selected for SPUR 2020 will be advertised on our website, and students will be invited to apply beginning in November.


For more information about SPUR and the faculty mentor project application, visit our website here: https://our.utah.edu/spur/

3. Travel Stipend for Dependent Care

4. Student/Postdoctoral Fellow Exchange Program

application link

5. UHELM Fall 2019

6. Getting your Fellowship Funded

This Fall, Professors Suzi Mansour (Human Genetics) and Gary Schoenwolf (Neurobiology and Anatomy), will be leading an intensive hands-on workshop on writing a fundable fellowship application (including K99/R00 applications). The workshop will meet for six 3-hour sessions on Thursdays, beginning on September 5th, 2019 and ending on November 14th, with five interspersed weeks left unscheduled to allow time to write and revise an application. Each session will occur from 1:00-4:00pm on the Health Sciences Campus in 4100C HSEB (Health Sciences Education Building).


7.  2019 CIHD Pilot and Feasibility Program Grants

2019 Proposals were due September 2, 2019 with awards announced in early October.


8.  NIH Public Access for Publications

NIH Assistance with public access compliance for publications.


9.  Teaching Observation Program for Core Educators

10.  Recently Published

Congratulations to the Plenary Paper in Blood published by CIHD Members John Phillips, Harry Dailey, Amy Medlock and the CIHD-Sponsored Metabolomics (James Cox and John Alan Maschek) and Iron and Heme Cores (Laurie Jackson).

link to article, link to UGA


11. Metabolism Core Fuels Innovative Research.

Recent article highlights James Cox, PhD and the Metabolomics Core at the University of Utah. 

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