Criteria for Membership in the CIHD:

Members of the CIHD share a common interest in broad aspects of hematology – including the role of iron and heme in normal physiology and disease, hematopoiesis, myelopoiesis, and regulation of these processes by inflammation and cell metabolism.

Internal membership: 

Any University of Utah faculty member with a research interest related to Hematology may apply for membership.

Criteria for membership include:

  • Grant supported research of relevance to Hematology.
  • Faculty who utilize core facilities and who are grant supported

Faculty or senior post-doctoral fellows supported by pilot project grants from the CIHD

External membership: 

Any faculty out of the University of Utah with research interested described above, as well as a current collaboration with a CIHD member.  All external applicants must have an appointment at the Assistant Professor position or above.

To apply for membership please include:

  • NIH Biosketch
  • Brief description of current research and/or CIHD cores that your research will utilize
  • (For external members) Brief description of current research and collaboration(s) with CIHD members

Please send applications to:

Current Center for Iron and Heme Disorders members:

Name Institution Contact
Abkowitz, Jan # U Washington
Babitt, Jodie Harvard
Barasch, Jonathan Columbia
Barber, Matthew U Orgeon
Beaudin, Anna U Utah
Christian, Jan U Utah
Christensen, Robert U Utah
Cloonan, Suzanne Cornell U
Cox, James * # U Utah
Dailey, Harry # U Georgia
Davey, Crystal * U Utah
Desnick, Robert Mt. Sinai
Eisenstein, Richard U Wisconsin-Madison
Elde, Nels U Utah
Ganz, Tom UCLA
Guo, Feng UCLA
Hamza, Iqbal U Maryland
Hicks, Kevin * U Utah
Hughes, Adam U Utah
Khalimonchuk, Oleh U Nebraska-Lincoln
Koh, Mei U Utah
Jackson, Laurie * U Utah
Leary, Scot U Saskatchewan
Leibold, Betty U Utah
McClain, Don Wake Forest
Medlock, Amy U Georgia
Nemeth, Ella UCLA
O’Connell, Ryan U Utah
Parker, Charles U Utah
Peterson, Randall # U Utah
Reddi, Amit Georgia Tech
Phillips, John U Utah
Philpott, Caroline # NIDDK
Prchal, Josef U Utah
Rutter, Jared U Utah
Sigala, Paul UU Biochem
Sundquist, Wesley # U Utah
Tantin, Dean U Utah
Vinchi, Francesca New York Blood Center
Ward, Diane U Utah
Weyrich, Andy U Utah
Winge, Dennis # U Utah
Yien, Yvette U Pittsburg
* Core Director
# Executive Committee Member