Criteria for Membership in the CIHD:

Members of the CIHD share a common interest in defining the role of iron and heme in normal physiology and disease. As described above, the more senior center members have a long history of collaboration. New applicants must have a current collaboration with a CIHD member. Applicants to the CIHD will describe in 2 pages how they collaborate with a current CIHD member and how this collaborative research aligns with the goals of the center. We expect senior applicants to have a track record in iron and heme studies and willingness to participate in Center Outreach Programs. Established investigators from other disciplines who are changing the direction of their research will similarly need to describe their collaboration with a current CIHD member and how the new research focus fits the aims of the CIHD. We expect younger investigators to do the same and have a research program that synergizes with our aims. All applicants must have their own independent lab and appointment at the level of assistant professor at a minimum. The application should include a description of how they will benefit from participation in the CIHD and an NIH biosketch. Details will include what Cores they plan to use and what techniques and methods they will acquire. Junior investigators will describe what additional resources available through the Enrichment and Pilot and Feasibility Programs they would likely use (e.g. mentoring, grant review) in supporting their research program. This will provide a framework for planning meetings and workshops.

For senior investigators, documentation of research support will be required to ensure/confirm eligibility for use of cores and access to Pilot and Feasibility program funds. Junior investigator applicants will require two letters of support from a previous mentor and, if outside of the participating institutions, a letter of support from the Department Chair. Junior Investigators must indicate the senior members of the CIHD with whom they will interact. This interaction will permit senior members to mentor junior members. The Executive Committee will review applications for membership at each quarterly meeting. The CIHD is committed to support diversity in the CIHD research community. CIHD members participate in local and national activities to promote diversity and attract underrepresented researchers to the CIHD membership.

Non-members in the field will be encouraged to participate in our Outreach Programs and our annual CIHD symposium. Cores are available to non-members; however, they will be required to pay the non-subsidized cost and their samples/projects will be performed on an as-available basis.

List of documents needed to apply for membership in the CIHD:

  • NIH Biosketch
  • Description of current research
  • How will membership enhance research
  • What services do you plan to use

Please send applications to:

Current Center for Iron and Heme Disorders members:

Name Institution Contact
Abkowitz, Jan # U Washington
Babitt, Jodie Harvard
Barasch, Jonathan Columbia
Barber, Matthew U Orgeon
Beaudin, Anna U Utah
Christian, Jan U Utah
Christensen, Robert U Utah
Cloonan, Suzanne Cornell U
Cox, James * # U Utah
Dailey, Harry # U Georgia
Davey, Crystal * U Utah
Desnick, Robert Mt. Sinai
Eisenstein, Richard U Wisconsin-Madison
Elde, Nels U Utah
Ganz, Tom UCLA
Guo, Feng UCLA
Hamza, Iqbal U Maryland
Hicks, Kevin * U Utah
Hughes, Adam U Utah
Khalimonchuk, Oleh U Nebraska-Lincoln
Koh, Mei U Utah
Jackson, Laurie * U Utah
Leary, Scot U Saskatchewan
Leibold, Betty U Utah
McClain, Don Wake Forest
Medlock, Amy U Georgia
Nemeth, Ella UCLA
O’Connell, Ryan U Utah
Parker, Charles U Utah
Peterson, Randall # U Utah
Reddi, Amit Georgia Tech
Phillips, John U Utah
Philpott, Caroline # NIDDK
Prchal, Josef U Utah
Rutter, Jared U Utah
Sigala, Paul UU Biochem
Sundquist, Wesley # U Utah
Tantin, Dean U Utah
Vinchi, Francesca New York Blood Center
Ward, Diane U Utah
Weyrich, Andy U Utah
Winge, Dennis # U Utah
Yien, Yvette U Pittsburg
* Core Director
# Executive Committee Member