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2023 R01

R01 HL168492 Elizabeth A Leibold, PhD.  R01 link Cell cycle regulation of IRP2 phosphorylation during hematopoiesis.

R01 DK134783 Makiko Yasuda, MD, PhD. R01 link Mechanisms of Intercellular Heme Homeostasis in Liver

R01 DK134783 Yvette Yien, PhD. R01 link Regulation of erythroid heme metabolism by the CLPX unfoldase


2021 R01

R01 DK128/068 Jodie Babitt, MD and Jan Christian, PhD. R01 link BMP ligands in hepcidin regulations 2021-2026.

R21 HD102668-01, PI: J. Christian, PhD. NICHD 2020-2021 Analysis of BMP Heterodimer formation and function, Diversity supplement

R01 DK125740 PI: Iqbal Hamza, PhD NIH/NIDDK 7/1/20 – 6/30/24 Heme trafficking and recycling in iron metabolism



R35 GM133764 Paul Sigala PhD. Comparative Heme Metabolism in Divergent Eukaryotes

R35 GM133652 Matt Barber PhD. Molecular mechanisms of evolution at the host-microbe interface

R01 AG061376 Adam Hughes PhD. The Role of the Lysosome in Aging



Philpott lab postdoc, PI: Shyamalagauri Jadhav, Ph.D., ODS Research Scholars Award 10/1/2018-9/30/2019, Liver-specific loss of iron chaperone PCBP1 leads to dysregulated iron and hepatic steatosis

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