Jonathan Barasch, MD Columbia University “Iron Cystitis, Pyelonephritis” 6/9/20  Barasch video link

Don McClain, Md, PhD Wake Forest University “Diabetes and Iron: Can’t live with it, Can’t live with out it” 7/21/20  McClain video link

Anna Beaudin, PhD University of Utah School of Medicine “Fetal hematopoiesis in mouse models” 5/19/20 Beaudin video link

Caroline Philpott, MD NIDDK “Mischief managed: chaperoning iron in the cytosol” 6/2/20 Philpott video link

Tom Ganz, MD UCLA “Erythropoiesis regulates hepcidin through Erythroferrone” 9/15/20 Ganz video link

James Cox, PhD University of Utah Metabolism “Metabolomics of the erythrocyte” 9/29/20 Cox video link

Ella Nameth, PhD UCLA “Iron pathobiology in pregnancy” 10/13/20 Nemeth video link

Cindy Roy, PhD NIDDK Hematology Program “NIDDK Resources FY2020”
Laurie Jackson, PHD “Center for Iron and Heme Disorders” 11/3/20 Roy & Jackson video link

Yvette Yien, PhD University of Delaware/University of Pittsburg “Regulation of mitochondrial heme metabolism in erythroid cells” 1/21/21 Yien video link

Jan Abkowitz, MD University of Washington “Heme trafficking, use and toxicity during red cell differentiation” 3/30/21 Abkowitz video link