The Protein-Metabolite Discovery Core provides academic investigators unique protein-metabolite interactome services to identify, validate, and interpret small molecule metabolite interactions with their target proteins. Utilizing a custom metabolite library and the MIDAS screening platform, protein-metabolite ligand interactions can be identified with high sensitivity and dynamic range (Kd ≤ 5 mM) including substrates, cofactors, products, allosteric and orthosteric regulators, and covalent modifications. Orthogonal validation services using conventional ligand-receptor binding approaches are provided on request. Furthermore, we provide proteomic services to identify covalent-metabolite modifications of user target proteins.

Please refer to the Services section of the website for further details on the capabilities and services of the Protein-Metabolite Discovery Core. In addition, please refer to the Sample Preparation and Protocols section for sample requirement criteria and orthogonal approaches. Core staff will provide additional assay development and consultation upon request.



  1. MIDAS protein-metabolite interactomics
  2. Differential scanning fluorimetery
  3. Covalent-metabolite modification Proteomics

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